Holy Week

Intro to Holy Week

Imagine that God said to you, “I have prepared a place for you at my table tonight.” How would you prepare? Would you run around trying to find the perfect thing to wear? Or perhaps go out and find the perfect gift to bring with you? I think all of us would kick it into high gear in prepping to share a meal with our Creator! 

The awesome thing is, God has provided a table for us and place for all eternity through Jesus (Psalm 23). As we enter Holy Week, we have an opportunity to prepare our hearts together as a church and reflect upon God’s incredible plan that opened the gates of Heaven for all sinners. It is our hope that during this week you can take time to daily reflect on the events leading up to the Resurrection. 

While Easter is certainly the biggest celebration for Christians, some of the events leading up to the cross are difficult to reflect upon. The betrayal of Judas, Jesus’ agony in the garden, the walk to Calvary, and the silence on Saturday are all events that demonstrate how much our Savior suffered. However, woven through the suffering of Jesus, God created a beautiful plan for our redemption. In every story, we see God’s unwavering love for humanity.

So how do we prepare our hearts for Holy Week? We prepare as if God has extended an invitation to sit at His table. Spend time in prayer each day over the events leading to the Resurrection. Give thanks to God that He has prepared a place for us through Jesus!  Finally, gather with your family to reflect on the significance of every step that led Jesus to the cross. 

Let’s pray together as we direct our focus on the events surrounding Holy Week.

Dear Lord,
Give us fresh eyes and fresh hearts as we spend each day remembering the events leading up to the greatest story of your love for us. Help us to remember that even through some of the painful things Jesus endured, you were making all things beautiful. Give us the wisdom to see that in our own lives when we experience hardship. Lord, thank you. Thank you for making a way for all of us to live in communion with you through your Son. Thank you that we live in a time where we have the complete story of salvation through the Bible. And thank you for the love for us that you so beautifully demonstrate from Genesis to Revelation. In Your name we pray, Amen!

By: Amanda May
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