Tuesday - Jesus’ Authority Questioned
Matthew 21:23-27

Authority: the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.
In scripture we read that Jesus was in the temple teaching and the chief priests confronted Him about His teachings there. They wanted to know what authority He had to do these things and in return Jesus asked them what authority John had to baptize.  He questioned them – did it come from God or was it from people?  The priests and leaders refused to answer Jesus’ question because the fear of not believing John’s baptism came from God.  So, they answered they didn’t know. 
Have you ever thought about “by what authority” Jesus did everything He did in His ministry?  The only authority of power that Jesus had was given by God.  It was evident that the priests and elders were too afraid to believe this.  If they believed, they would not have questioned Jesus, and could have answered the question He had for them.  They were afraid of what the people would do.

Do others know who has authority over you?  Are you afraid to allow God to be the authority in your life because of what others may think?  You either recognize Jesus as Lord, with all authority, or you don’t.  You must recognize that His crucifixion was for you.  He is our ultimate authority.

Tell God today that He has all authority in your life.  Commit to Him that you want to live each day under His authority. Commit yourself to do the work He would have you to do in the world.  

“Then I won’t tell you what authority I have to do these things!”  Matthew 21: 27

By: Sherrie Albritton
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