Resurrection Sunday

Sunday – The Resurrection  
Matthew 28:1-10

This is it! This is the single event that every belief we as Christians hold dear is contingent on. Without the resurrection of Christ, our faith is powerless and pointless. Without this miraculous and redeeming victory we are without hope and without purpose. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:14, “If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” Praise God we have a hope and a purpose! Our faith in Him ensures a victorious eternity lies ahead!

As we read these ten verses in Matthew 28, one interesting aspect is the responses to Jesus’ resurrection from the two types of people mentioned. The guards and those who thought they put an end to Jesus and his movement experienced great fear. The guards literally fainted from their fear, while the women and the followers of Christ experienced great joy. While the guards and their authority experienced failure, believers were victorious due to Jesus’ victory over death once and for all! 

Jesus’ great victory leads His believers to a response of worship. These women responded in a very interesting way. Verse 9 tells us that they grabbed Jesus’ feet. We may find this reaction strange, but they were communicating their lowliness in offering their worship to The Most High. Still, their lowliness did not inhibit their immense joy of seeing their risen Savior. 

We routinely celebrate Resurrection Sunday every year. Sometimes we are so busy with family events we neglect to offer a time for reflection and praise. How might you respond to the victory of Jesus in a way that leads you to worship Him? Will you speak of this good news to a friend or coworker? Will you respond to a calling that He has put on your heart for some time now? Will you surrender an idol in your life to the feet of Jesus? Will you praise the name of Christ today for His greatness in the lives of the lowly, like us? How will you respond to a victorious and risen Savior?

By: Wesley Coleman
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