Wednesday – The Plot to Kill Jesus
Matthew 26:1-5 & 14-16

In Matthew’s Gospel we see that as the time for Jesus’s crucifixion approaches, those who oppose Him are looking for ways to bring about His end.  Jesus is aware of their schemes and informs His friends that the time is near. Matthew even tells us that the elders and chief priest plotted some “sly way” to seize Jesus.  It is important to remember Jesus telling His friends what was going to happen because Jesus was not caught off guard.  He fully understood what was being planned and what was going to happen; yet, He still allowed it to transpire!   

As Jesus’s enemies were plotting, a friend decides to betray Him.  Judas felt compelled to deny his friend, to ignore the past three years and turn Jesus over to those who sought to silence Him.  Why?  We know he sought money but were there other reasons?  Maybe Judas was fearful of what would happen if he continued to walk with Jesus.  Maybe Judas wanted some fame and glory for himself.  Whatever the reason, Judas decided that the love Christ extended to him was not worth as much as what others had to offer.                   

Can you relate to Jesus?  Most of us can answer “yes!”  The wounds from a betrayal often linger for years, and sometimes forever.  It is hard to invest your life into someone else’s, only to have them reject you.  In that moment it can seem as if all is lost.  You may even be tempted to withdraw from people.  It is important for you to understand that Jesus understands the pain caused by betrayal and He is encouraging you not to quit.  

This Easter I challenge you to follow Jesus’ example.  Devote yourself to things of God.  Love others and put their needs above yours.  And seek out that one person who may need your forgiveness.  God emptied Himself for our sake.  Why would we do less?        

By: Bobby Parnell
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