Saturday – Jesus in the Tomb
Luke 23:54-56


To me, it is a word with dual meanings. Sometimes it brings me a quiet sense of peace and provides space for my thoughts. However, there’s another type of silence, the kind that can be so loud it’s deafening. That’s the type of silence I imagine they felt on that Saturday following the crucifixion of Jesus. It was a Saturday spent reflecting on and replaying Friday’s devastation, Friday’s disappointment. 

I spend too much of my life in that “Saturday” mindset. I focus on all the disappointments and shortcomings I experienced that week, overshadowing all the blessings from God. Good news though! My wife is way more intelligent than me, so when I give myself a pity party focusing on the negatives, she encourages me to do as the women who travelled with Jesus from Galilee did.  What did the women do on that Saturday? In Luke 23: 54-56, scripture says they went home and prepared spices in preparation for the Sabbath. I can imagine they thought all hope was lost…that death had won. Even through their devastation, they continued to honor God as they prepared for the upcoming Sabbath. 

What do we need to do when we feel as though we are stuck in the silence of Saturday? Honor God! In my role, worship is one of the most life altering ways we can honor God. To quote one of my current favorite worship songs Rattle, “Saturday was silent, surely it was through, but since when has impossible ever stopped YOU!” That line stopped me in my tracks that absolutely NOTHING is impossible for God.

But that’s not all, because there’s more good news, no, GREAT news for Christians.


By: Brent May
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